Fluffy Sasami Cosplay by Byo

Don’t you just love being at home just laying around all day without a care in the world? Me too. I guess that makes us lazy! But do you know who’s lazier than you and me? Sasami Tsukuyomi.

Sasami Tsukuyomi is character from the anime, Sasami@Unmotivated. She is a shut-in who lives with her older brother who serves her like he’s her servant. This is because Sasami has inherited the power of Amaterasu and her family is sworn to serve and protect the heirs to Amaterasu’s power. Despite the many negative traits of this character, she is still found to be appealing to many viewers and has also gained herself some tributes in the form of fanart and cosplay.

To add to the many tributes for Sasami’s character is Byo’s fluffy cosplay of Sasami. Don’t worry, she may have wasted a cotton or two but rest assured no bunnies were harmed in the making of this cosplay.

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