Tokyo Ghoul 3 is BACK!!!

A lot of fans had been disappointed on how Tokyo Ghoul ended and also about the rumors about the reboot. Lately, manga-based anime has been a let-down and it seems like reboot is always the answer — such as Full-Metal Alchemist.

I admit that whenever I hear Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki automatically comes to mind along with the excruciating pain he’s been through. It’s just sad how our main character became a fugitive from being a very peaceful ghoul on that anime but that’s how it is to dark fantasy anime series.

On April 3, 2018, Tokyo Ghoul 3 was finally released on Tokyo MX and I can say that it is so refreshing to watch the third installment after almost 3 years.

On this episode, I’ve been looking for Kaneki on the very second the episode started. Unfortunately, you will not see Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul 3. No, not that he is not in this season. He’s renamed to Haise Sasaki, the rank 1 investigator and a Quinx Squad mentor. His character is way too different from the gloomy Kaneki but it’s a good thing because it is not really a reboot but a 3rd season. You will also see Anteiku (or maybe it was just a regular cafe) in this episode when they were investigating. And, oh, when he cracked that finger, we all knew it was, indeed, Kaneki. The second episode for this season may be released on this week and watch out for it because we’re going back to Anteiku on that episode!

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