Tokyo Ghoul 3 Episode 2 Reveals This is NOT a REBOOT

Ever since the rumor of the next latest season for Tokyo Ghoul came up, fans are divided with the fear of a Tokyo Ghoul Reboot and a questionable season 3. Reboot means the team behind Sui Ishida’s creation made a mess somehow and we don’t honestly know how they will pull it off with a whole new story. On the other hand, if not a reboot, how will everyone’s life continue because, well, everything’s just so chaotic and it will take a very good director and writer to come up with something.

Here’s the news: They came up with something that will definitely blow your mind and keep you watching each episode! With Odahiro Watanabe directing and ChÅ«ji Mikasano writing the scripts, a whole new world will open on Tokyo Ghoul 3.

If you have already watched the first two episodes, you’d have noticed the familiar faces in the story (Arima, Mado, Nishio). And you’ll have also known that somehow Sasaki’s memory as Kaneki has been erased or was hidden by Sasaki himself for he wants to be redeemed from his past self. When they visited Anteiku however, his memories brought him inside and crossed paths with Touka.

Will his memory of Nagachika Hideyoshi be revealed in the next episodes, too? There are shippers of Kaneki-Hideyoshi (come on, we cannot deny shipping those two). The memory of his best friend’s death caused Kaneki to go gung-ho and full-time ghoul and I will be surprised (and disappointed) if this will not be brought up even once.

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