The Cosplay Queen of the Philippines

It’s been a long time now since Filipinos started cosplaying and one of the pioneers is Alodia Gosiengfiao. She started cosplaying at the age of 15 because she had a knee injury and can no longer play volleyball. She loves anime and loves to draw. This became her focus (and school, too!) and then started cosplaying.

When she was asked, she said that her most memorable cosplay is the Witchblade, because this is where she (and her younger sister, Ashley) won for the first time. She makes all her costumes herself (and sometimes, a help from her family and friends) including the accessories and weapons. This is one talented girl because she only does not Cosplay but she also paints, draws, plays piano, a real Gamer especially on Dota 2, she’s an international model, television host and and international idol! Seems like nothing’s going to stop this girl from dominating! Last April 3 2013, Super Dolls — a Japan idol cosplay group — released their album and she’s a member!

Because she always win in Cosplay contests in the Philippines, she was crowned as Cosplay Queen of the Philippines and is invited to be a judge on the contests to give way to new cosplayers.

No one is ever going to dispute that she is indeed the Cosplay Queen because of her talents. On top of that, she is also the founder of Cosplay Circle, an online community of cosplayers all over the world!

You can check out Alodia’s pictures and updates from her Facebook (you can read all of her awards here), Deviantart, Otakumode, read about her on Wikipedia, Instagram — alodiaalmira, add her on Line or check her own website.

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