Shize’s Sora Kasugano Cosplay

When it comes to Japanese anime with a mature rating, viewers must always be ready to take the good along with the WTFs, because this is Japan we’re talking about and if things don’t get better, it only gets weirder. Yosuga no Sora is one such anime. It is intended for a mature audience as it focuses on a romantic and slightly erotic drama with a controversial subject matter of incest.

Despite the controversial plot, that didn’t stop the anime from gaining its fair share of followers and cosplays. On social media, some have argued that cosplayers only cosplay characters from this series because at one point this became mainstream. But cosplayer, Shǐzé, openly shows her appreciation of the Sora Kasugano without a care in the world for haters and judgmental netizens. Kudos to her!

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