Chloe and Edcel : Twins born from different part of the world

This month, it’s been going around on the internet and news about this girl who is a part-time student and staff of a fast food restaurant in the Philippines. You’d probably say, ‘Oh, just a regular girl.’ and probably just disregard this article.

However, what’s the buzz on the net right now is that this girl, who just simply admires Chloe Grace Moretz, looks just like her — only a Filipina version!

Her name is Edcell Ched, a student and part time counter crew of a Filipino fast food restaurant in the Philippines, and even Chloe Grace Moretz herself was amazed of their resemblance and even retweeted it!

MTV UK talked about it, Cosmo PH was amazed about it and Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted about it! If you would like to see what’s the buzz is all about, you can check out her pictures yourself and you be the judge if she looks just like Chloe!

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