Bright and Beautiful Haruna Cosplay

I don’t know about you but I’m getting summer feels just by looking at this cosplay. Kantai Collection (or Kancolle) is about girls who are born with the souls of historical battleships in them and they battle across the sea against foreign foes who are trying to invade their territory. They do so wearing their school uniforms and their guns. Sometimes I wonder what use is a swimsuit if they go into the water, skiing through it in their school uniforms all the time anyway? Then again, when it comes to fiction and especially in anime, anything is as possible as the fact that in RPGs the skimpier the outfit is, the stronger its wearer becomes.

This portrayal by Taiwanese cosplayer, Arty, is of Kantai Collection’s darling of a ship girl named Haruna in her marriage swimsuit. Yes, marriage swimsuit. Go figure. This character, being one of the famous Kongou sisters, has gained a lot of spotlight in online forums making her even more desirable for cosplayers to portray.

Photo: Moegan Photography

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