Sweet Treat!: 8 Island Waitress Erza Cosplay by Scarlet Cosplay

In the anime fandom world, maid characters have become one of the most famous and beloved character tropes that we usually see. In fact, they are almost in every genre. May it be romance, harem, comedy, horror, or even adventure and battle-focused anime shows like Fairy Tail.

Well, I’m not actually a Fairy Tail fan but I’m a sucker for cute and sexy characters like Erza. Her character might be too tough but I sure do like her character design, especially when she’s wearing her battle gear which greatly compliments her beautiful figure. However, Erza in a maid-waitress outfit is also a rare sight to behold! Check out episode 52 where Erza and the gang head out to 8-island, a restaurant that serves drinks and dishes imbued with magic, and worked as waitstaff.

Here’s Scarlet Cosplay‘s Steamy maid-waitress cosplay which she wore for Otakuthon 2016. Her costume was designed by Bosbott Cosplay, inspired by the anime. These creative photos were taken by Katya Perin Photography.

Fancy being served by this sweet and sexy Erza?

Erza in Episode 52 (8-island waitress/maid-theme)

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