Stunning Touka Cosplay by Noeru

Whenever people say Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, what automatically comes into mind is black clothes, masks, black sclerae, and red pupils. It is very seldom that we see cosplays outside of these mainstream outfits. But here we have cosplayer, Noeru, breaking the cliché and bringing to light a different approach to cosplaying Tokyo Ghoul’s lovely protagonist, Touka. Certainly, it is a given that not everyone can pull off this style of cosplay, so those who can, do.

One of the common “fan service” in anime is the obligatory beach scene, which most otakus are probably too familiar about. It is a time when their beloved characters dress in slightly less conservative clothing and are subjected to clichéd tropes while at the beach. In the Tokyo Ghoul anime, however, there’s not much of the latter. So I guess this is Noeru’s way of indulging the fans to that missing fan service. Enjoy, everyone, and don’t forget to share or tell us what you think of the cosplay in the comments!

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