Fate/Apocrypha episode 1 recap

For those who had followed the Fate chronicles, usually it is set on Earth where other people don’t know that magic exists. For Fate/Stay Night for example, Shiro Emiya tried so hard to make Saber look like an ordinary human being and the war between the magi (Holy Grail war) is kept in secret.

On the first episode, I can notice the difference and improvement of the animation which just adds more life to the story. For what seems like a Holy Grail war, there are magi and warriors against some skeleton/ undead warriors. It doesn’t look much of a secret to me. From one of the warrior (he looks like a master), he pulled out a Noble Phantasm. I thought I heard it before. Years back, I heard it on Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero and it should be a powerful weapon.

After the clash, the scene changed to a school of magic. A big muscular man named Sisigo went to the professor’s office. It was then revealed that Sisigo is a necromancer. Sisigo found out that the leader of Yggdmillenia claimed that they have the Fuyuki Grail. Additionally, the war seems different than the other Fate series before it. Before there were seven servants and masters. This time, for the Greater Grail, the war was divided into two: the masters of Red and the masters of Black. Each will have seven masters and servants. Before there’s just seven masters and servants, that’s it. Come to think of it, the world almost ended with just seven, now I can’t imagine how the world would be with a total of fourteen servants and masters.

After one of the sides win (either the masters of Red or the masters of Black) from the Greater Grail, the seven that’s left will have their Holy Grail war…meaning each of them will turn to the other. After what the professor had said, at first I thought that, “Hey, maybe the Black Faction’s the bad guys and the Red Faction’s the good guys. But then, after Sisigo summoned , his servant, I thought that it’s going to be Sabre. Unfortunately, it was Mordred, who claims to be the one and true heir of Arthur Pendragon. At the start of this episode, I think I saw her and Sabre battling. Is Saber going to be on the Black Faction?

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