Dashing Ross Poldark Cosplay by Twistedpumpkin Cosplay

Who knew a woman could pull off Ross Poldark’s chiseled manly-man looks? Twistedpumpkin Cosplay’s Poldark cosplay succeeds on a variety of levels. The thickly-penciled eyebrows and light mustache and beard add a stereotypically male quality to the appearance, and the drawn expression adds the impression of high cheekbones. The long scar on the cheek matches the original quite well (although it is on the wrong side of the face). All of these create a sophisticated, dignified portrait that clearly conveys Poldark’s noble lineage and pride. The vest, shirt, and three-corner-hat look like they were taken right out of the late 19th century, making Twistedpumpin look even more like a gentleman of that time period.


Me and a friend who is one half of Leather&Chocolate Cosplay were talking earlier and she suggested that I give cosplaying Poldark a go. I had slightly considered it already and so this happened!

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