Card Captor Sakura is back!

CLAMP‘s most popular anime is back! I bet most of you heard about it and watched it. CardCaptor Sakura (also known as CCS) was released in manga version from 1996 to 2000. This is a story about an elementary school student, Sakura Kinomoto, who has special abilities to free magical cards. This anime version by Madhouse was aired from April 1998 and ended on March 2000. This very much reminded me of Sweet Tales of St. Tail, which aired from 1995-1996, and is also about a student, Meimi Haneoka, who transforms into Saint Tail. Although their stories might be different because St. Tail is like Robin Hood (but a way cuter female version) who steals stuffs and returns it to the original and rightful owners.

Anyways, back to CCS, I do remember before that there’s also a spin off of this anime Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, where Sakura lost her memories and Syaoran has to go to different dimensions to collect each feather that each contains Sakura’s memory. Although I enjoyed CCS, I loved Tsubasa more because they’re travelling to each dimensions and on each those dimensions was featured a Clamp character (which I can name most of them).

Aired just this January 2018 is the first episode of Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card. The intro will most likely remind you of 1990s (or feel like a kid again) and it still brings that fresh vibe. You will still see the same set of characters – Cerberus, Sakurthat kinda reminded you (it reminded me of summers lounging and watching CCS as a kid) of the 90s. Though it seems like a throwback from the 90s, it wouldn’t be bad to watch such a refreshing anime.

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