A Beautiful Death

“Your grievance… shall be avenged” It’s a phrase that it’s repeatedly said to those who wants revenge by the Hell Girl’s acquaintances. Hone Onna is one of the companions of Ai. She appears in all three seasons of Jigoku Shoujo. She is played by Aya Sugimoto in the live-action television series. Hone Onna is one of the few people who is able to travel between the normal world and the realm of eternal twilight, alongside Ai, Kikuri, the other companions of Ai, and the master of hell. While investigating the clients or antagonists of Ai’s service, Hone Onna has the ability to magically change her clothes. She can create an illusion in the minds of people when needed to make them think that she is someone specific or someone else, or to make them think that they know her for a long time already.

Our cosplay for today is the very alluring and pretty Ariena Ten or real name, Alena. She’s been cosplaying for more than 5 years and for the 5 years, she have shown her skills, willingness and love for cosplay. What’s more about Ariena is the due to her Russian genes, as well know most russian young female has this big eyes which is really best for cosplaying anime charcters. Besides cosplyaying and being a model, she’s also a photographer and studies as the designer of clothes which she continues to apply on her cosplays.

Old but Gold. The kimono a very well known attire which is worn on different occasions by different people and monsters even. Kimono represents many different things in Japanese culture, and for Jigokou Shoujo – Death. Normally I would be all head over heels with this cosplay because it’s sexy and very alluring but you know, I’ve been watching Hell Girl since it was released in Animax and I’ve learned my lessons – control your lust.

Pretty, Gorgeous, Alluring, Sexy, Attractive and Lovely yet it isn’t enough to describe her and it’s really good thing that I happened to learn about her. Many cosplayer keeps popping up nowadays but I can assure you the Arienai-ten would go far long so let’s continue support her by following her on Facebook, Cosplay.com and Youtube. Let’s also give a big thanks to EVA Photography for the photos.

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