Talonflame Gijinka Cosplay by Scarlet Cosplay

While most people consider cosplayers as mere hobbyists, I’d like to look at them as great artists. Why? In the surface, they may look like they’re just playing around — as if they were warriors, tech gods, hot babes, and cool boys, but through it all was great hardwork and dedication to finish eye-catching pieces and artwork. Not to mention the creativity at work during the whole design process. But since the cosplay industry never stays the same and keeps evolving, so did they.

For a cosplayer with a knack for boudoir and sexy cosplays, seeing Scarlet Cosplay in a full-body armored Talonflame Gijinka cosplay in Katsucon 2017 was really surprising. It’s a total masterpiece! It is very evident with the great attention to every detail in her costume that she exerted a lot of effort in it. Even the weapon was well made. Everything looks so real that it doesn’t seem that she’s just cosplaying. She’s becoming the character herself!

These creative photos were taken by Sara Lynn Photography and Mark Horowitz Photography.

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