Luscious Quetzalcoatl by Qian Yu

Not all dragons look scary, some are just too sexy! Don’t believe me? check out Qián yǔ‘s cosplay of Quetzalcoatl from Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

No, this is not the same Quetzalcoatl from ancient Mesoamerica, this is a different Quetzalcoatl. In this anime, Quetzalcoatl, is the name of a dragon goddess who lost her divine status centuries ago when she caused a scandal after getting drunk. She’s a friend of the main protagonist, Tohru, another dragon who turns up one day in the human world, wounded with a sword and was surprisingly saved by Kobayashi, who brought her to her home.

This is an anime with a simple plot, simple art, and doesn’t give you a lot to think about. But that shouldn’t discourage you from watching it specially if you’re simply looking for a good way to pass time. Overall, this is a light-hearted, simple anime which is full of comedic situations and tropes. I recommend watching this anime if you simply want to laugh and unwind.

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