Beach Time With Tojo Nozomi

Not everyone is a fan of idol-themed anime like Love Live, we get it. However, if you are, then it’s either you’ve already watched this and memorized it by heart or you’re already making plans to acquire it (cough) legally (cough) and binge watch everything. Fret not even if you’re not a fan, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this franchise in some other form. Love Live also has a free, downloadable rhythm game on both Google Playstore and Apple’s Appstore. The game is challenging and has been proven to be quite addictive.

Seasons have passed and the anime may be over, but the franchises keep on flooding the markets and the fandom keeps on getting bigger. Right now, summer has obviously come. So you know what that means, right? Swimsuit cosplay photoshoots! Yes, cosplayers are taking advantage of the warm sun and the beach and have made sure start shooting them cosplays. That means, more candy for the fans.

Speaking of summer photoshoots, here’s one of the lovely cosplay by cosplayer, ASAKI. This cosplay is of the busty Nozomi Tojo from Love Live! School Idol Project.

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