A Goddess in sorrow

It’s Throwback Anime Time! We’ve been discussing for anime characters, movie characters or superheroes from a new series recently so I thought of discussing a very classical or OG anime from the past where having a manga serialized and made into anime was literally hard like going through hell. I’m not sure about you guys but have you read the manga Bride of Deimos? Bride of Deimos revolves around high school girl Minako Ifu, who has become the focus of the attentions of the demon Deimos. Minako appears to be physical reincarnation of Deimos’ lover and younger twin sister, Venus; the former goddess of love.

And obviously we’ll dicuss about one of the Heroine of the series, Venus. Venus is the Goddess of Love and Deimos’ younger twin sister; she looks exactly like Minako other than her hair is longer and she wears a Greek style dress and a tiara with a large red gem in the center. When caught kissing Deimos, Zeus strikes them both down. Venus dies and is punished by being imprisoned in Hades. She is hung by thorny vines, upside down from a tree.


Now why the heck did I chose this anime? why the heck did I chose this particular character?! Because the heck with this cosplay, that looks very GREAT, EXTRAVAGANT, ALLURING, GORGEOUS EVERY POSITIVE THING YOU CAN SAY! The cosplay is just really beautiful, the setting, outfit, makeup and everything are perfect. This cosplay brought something which is far better than what I could have imagine from a Venus Cosplay of Bride of Deimos. The perfect theme of a gorgeous white goddess on a pure and clean cloths sitting on the far edge of a dead forest really is perfect and matches the plot of the anime.

But who cosplayed who? Our model for this article today is an amateur cosplayer from Vietnam name Chuongtu but I really doubt that amateur part if you look at her works though, stay humble Chungtu! She is an Student Artist and has a hobby for photography and cosplay. She mainly posts her works in her Deviant Account, ChungTu DeviantArt. She also has her own Facebook Fanpage named Wao Cosplayer. Besides having social media pages and art galleries she also post her works on her Blog at Wao Cosplay WordPress. Let’s also follow her on her Twitter Page Well she did say that she’s an amateur cosplayer but can you really believe that with her works? what more if she continued cosplaying for years? How much more can she possibly achieve? So let’s support her to see. Let’s give thanks to Shad Redeath for the great photography.




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