Ultra Nerd Goldengoddess

Goldengoddess is switching things in her cam this time. Normally she is stripped down leaving little to the imagination. However, this time she is covered up in what has to be the coolest sweater I have ever seen. Not only does it look warm, but it’s got pictures of some of the greatest games from the 8-bit generation including; Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and Final Fantasy.

It’s nice seeing her with this look. She’s always hot, but this time she looks cuter than ever. She has amazing soft, white as snow skin, a petite body, cute smile, and all new bright green hair. She amazes me every time she’s on cam and this is a brand new, great look.

The names Sammy, ! I’m a full time camgirl and dork. I’m a total zelda fanatic and batman freak. Most of my time is spent watching cartoons and horror movies. Any questions, dont be shy! All are welcome here : )

HEIGHT: 5’0″



I try and be on every day, but i dont go on cam on mondays. if im not going to be on ill say it on cam or twitter so follow me on both.

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