The new Hell Girl?

The previous episode of Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi is such a cliffhanger. After Enma Ai showed Michiru what she did when they were dying, the devil showed himself again in a form of a spider and always puts Michiru back to a specific place. It seems that the devil found a new Hell Girl.

The sixth episode of Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi is titled: Twill.

Yui and Tetsuya works from the same company. Yui works on the pantry while Tetsuya is the office guy. They both looked like a perfect couple until I saw a glimpse of tattoo on his chest — the one that appears if you sent someone to hell. Later, Yui reveals that her father is the victim of Tetsuya’s friends years ago where they almost killed him and Tetsuya and the others only watched though they tried to stop them.

Yui was trying to send the last living person who tried to kill her father but Tetsuya caught her trying to contact the Hell Correspondence and stopped her. He revealed that he sent the other person to hell — Suzumura — the other one who tried to kill her father. It seems that he sent Suzumura to hell by contacting Hell Girl, thus the mark on his chest as a reminder where he will be going after he dies.

One night, Yui decided to contact Hell Girl. And guess who showed up? Michiru. One thing I also noticed is the color of her eyes. It used to be so green now it’s red like Enma Ai’s. Michiru resumed the duties of a Hell Girl and gave Yui Yamawaro as a form of the straw doll (Yamawaro asked permission from Enma Ai) and took revenge for her and brought the culprit to hell.

Yui already took revenge but because her father was comatose for a long time without the chance of recovering, she pulled the plug of her father’s machine so that he can finally “rest”. Japan, as of today, has very strict law on euthanasia and that doesn’t mean anyone can just pull the plug without proper procedures.

The episode ended with Yui being taken by the cop and Tetsuya was devastated (he did try to go to the police and have the culprit taken to court).

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