TGS Cosplayers We’ll Definitely Be Seeing Again Next Time

It’s been a couple days since TGS (Tokyo Game Show) and it’s been back to the real world for most convention goers. The days of freebies, selfies, fateful encounters, and friendly get togethers are over. Yes, it’s back to paying for your own drinks, no more free lanyards and promo items, and no more cosplayers walking around. On the bright side, being reintroduced to the comforts of a real bed again is nice. It’ll only be a matter of time before the so called “post-con depression” will hit some people, or who knows it already has.

I know all too well how that feels like and a good way to cope with it is remembering the good things from the convention and the promise that there will be a next time.

This one goes out to everyone and not just those who’ve been to TGS, but to all who’re going through post-con depression. Here are wonderful cosplay photos to help remember the good times and the promise of “there’s always going to be a next time.”

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