Julie Sigtuna gets freaky

CosplayMate is back and they bring us a photo and video set ‘from’ Julie Sigtuna from Absolute Duo. When I say Cosplay Mate brings both a video and photoshoot, I mean they are really two different things. Julie is still Julie with her silver hair and blue top with stockings in both the video and the picture set, but the two are very different in content. In the photos, we see Julie teasing the camera and removing a bit of her clothing. I rather liked the color work here and the light blue panty and bra set matched in rather well with the theme. I especially love how Julie’s top is actually in layers and that plays a rather important role in allowing one of these photos pass through the SFW censor.

Now, the video is nowhere near safe for work. If you are a fan of Absolute Duo you really have to see this video. All I can tell you is that, yes, it is with Julie and she discovers someone in her bed. The rest is a rather vivid romp with different angles, closeups, and a rather unique finishing move. Let’s just say with all the sword play she does in Absolute Duo, we can add sword swallowing to her list of talents.

From Absolute Duo Wikia:

Julie is a very beautiful young girl. She is described by her peers as a doll, with her long silver hair coming down to her hips in a twin tail fashion and two black ribbon bells on each side. Her skin is very pale, described to be as white as snow, and she has ruby – red eyes.She turns heads every time she walks in public. It very obvious that she does not know her own beauty. She wears a normal Kouryou Academy attire except when she’s in the dorm with Tooru, during which she wears a long-sleeved shirt

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