Bungou Stray Dogs Season 1 Episode 7

On the last episode of Bungou Stray Dogs (episode 6), the Azure Messenger left a letter to the detectives advising them that he left a bomb that the detectives should disarm or else a lot of people will die. After watching the previous episode, I was really excited to watch this next episode. Who knows? Maybe this will be resolved right away like the other cases that the detectives handled and I cannot wait to find out who the Azure Messenger is. Please note that if you have not watched this anime yet, there are spoilers here that you don’t want to read before watching because if you do, you will not appreciate this series as much as others did (like myself).

Dazai is keeping Sasaki safe (the surviving victim of the taxi driver who abducted people) but I find her suspicious. Please note that I wrote this line before actually watching Bungou Stray Dogs Season 1 Episode 6 so I may be wrong. Why do I find her suspicious? First, why is she the only one who survived and the others had to die right away? Is it because the other people who were kidnapped will tell the detective that she is behind all of this? Anyway, I resumed on watching the episode anyway.

The bomb was found inside the car on the port where there are a lot of factories of gasoline but the military was unable to deactivate it. It’s also surprising that the driver — supposedly the suspect on the abductions — suddenly died in pain without anyone touching him but there was a red “00” sign on his hand. I sense a gifted enemy is behind this — if not Sasaki.

The fight was a mismatch. Since Atsushi cannot transform into a “weretiger” on his own will, Dazai was being punched left and right by a big bulky enemy guarding the place where they can turn off the switch. Kunikida was almost killed by the enemy with the gift of controlling someone and I thought that this may be the time that Atsushi will transform! What happened next is more awesome than I had expected. Kunikida and Dazai switched places (in a very clever way that you have to actually watch it!) so that the enemy with the gift will be no match to Dazai’s anti-gift and Kunikida can knock out the bulky enemy.

I wrote this part after watching the last part, which is the MOST important part. Okay, I was surprised — or rather SHOCKED — when it was revealed who the Azure Messenger was. I can actually make a good detective! I was right that Sasaki was hiding something and she was the Azure Messenger and the Azure King was her better half. Before this part, I was thinking that I may be mean thinking about Sasaki that way. This was, by far, the best episode I’ve watched from Episode 1 to 7. And the last part also broke my heart.

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