Intergalactic Sexy Time With Liuna

Liuna is cosplaying as a Viper Pilot from Battlestar Galactica, and as you can expect from a CosplayErotica set, the attention to detail on her costume is amazing; she’s got dog tags, a flask and some other props that allow her to show you a fantastic sexy time.

When Liuna looks at you with her alluring bedroom eyes, you forget all about space exploration and pay attention to her sensual moves only, as she then shows you her bare boobs and begins taking off just enough of her costume so that she can show you some more naughty stuff when she lifts up one of her legs and rests it on some ammo crates, but at this point you may not be noticing her surroundings anymore, as she has you on a space of sensuality, and your mind is now completely focused on the playful things she wants you to witness.

The Colonial Viper is a spacecraft in the Battlestar Galactica science-fiction franchise. It is the primary fighter spacecraft type used by the human protagonists in this fictional universe. Appearing in both the 1978 original series and the 2003 reimagined series, as well as various derivative works, the single-pilot spacecraft are carried aboard Battlestar Galactica and are the humans’ main tools of defense against the universe’s antagonists – the cybernetic Cylon race.

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