This Ace will heat you up

She doesn’t need the Mera Mera No Mi to feel the heat. Well atleast Ace of One Piece still lives on though in a female body. Well first of all, do I still need to introduce him? He’s like one of the most popular character of all time? The strong brother of Luffy, The one who burns in the sea? The one with Mera Mera no mi or fire fire fruit? I mean, why would you even be here if you don’t know him? But I’m sure not every one knows him but what I’m sure of is that most people know him so I will still introduce him.

Portgas D. Ace was the adopted older brother of Luffy and Sabo, and son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his lover, Portgas D. Rouge. He was adopted by Monkey D. Garp as wished by Roger to him before his birth. Ace was the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and one-time captain of the Spade Pirates. Hunted by the World Government for his lineage, Ace ultimately met his end two years before the current storyline after being captured and sentenced to death

I told you this Ace doesn’t need any Mera Mera No Mi! damn I just can’t resist to look at the photos! The model is gorgeous and specially the whole photography itself because of the setups and settings. They even added Ace’s signature freckles which made it a lot kawaiii!! Another thing to point out is her racks!!! I know it’s not anime big but come on! It’s realistically big! And in a perfect shape also, I’d love to see more of Shiro Ang’s photos because of this.

This cosplay for today with the great aura of professionalism, effort and excellence was brought to us by the professional photographer specializing in Cosplay Photography, Shiro Ang Photograhy. Shiro Ang is a young photographer who would love to travel around the world more, meeting and working with new people, getting expose to their culture, understanding and connecting with people. He is currently based in Singapore, but he is available for both local and international assignments, advertising, and invitations. Shiro Ang brings out the potential of every model through the settings, editing and other pre-shoot setups so let’s support Shiro Ang and his model, Usama Kei by following him on Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.




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