Narumea Summer Ver. Cosplay by Miiko

If you play a lot of RPG mobile games, chances are you’ve come across the title Granblue Fantasy by Cygames. Japanese cosplayer, Miiko, who is a fan of the game, couldn’t have been more delighted to be able to cosplay one of the characters that players have journeyed with through the game.

Narumea or Narmaya, is a soft spoken, airy, and a bit of an aloof character. She’s what you’d consider the “mom type” or the “big sister type” among the characters and is constantly babying the main character. But that is not to say that players should under estimate her. As cliche as it gets, she’s got a very high attack and can be very fatal. Because of her popularity among Granblu players, Narumea was given a limited edition summer version in the 2016 Sumer Event. This is what Miiko has affably chosen to portray and immortalize in this photoset.

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