Enticing Kiss-Shot Cosplay by Yunkel

If you’re familiar with the Bakemonogatari series then surely you’ll find the characters of the film series, Kizumonogatari, familiar. Why? Because Kizumonogatari is a prequel to Bakemonogatari and a part of the Monogatari series of light novels written by Nisio Isin. The phenomenal reception of Bakemonogatari has led to the development of four TV series and several specials, it’s no surprise that the story has gotten so far, the only thing left untold is its past. Thus, the release of Kizumonogatari was decided.

To fans of the Bakemonogatari series, this cosplay by Yunkel might seem familiar to you. Does the name Kiss-Shot ring any bells? That’s right, she’s a vampire and you may know her by another name, Shinobu Oshino. In her 8-year-old form, this 500-plus-year-old vampire is referred to as Shinobu, however when she takes the form of an adult (her true form), she is better known as Kiss-Shot. Her appearance varies depending on how much vampire powers she possesses at the time.

I’ve seen quite a number of Shinobu Oshino cosplays but there is not a lot of Kiss-shot cosplays going around so it’s very refreshing to see this cosplay so I hope you enjoy it too!

Photograph credits to: MAX GAIA

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