LynsieLee Poke-Stretching

With Pokemon being all the rage right now thanks to the new app that lets you go outside to catch those creatures, a poor physical condition just won’t do, and just as important as a good cardio resistance is a good stretching, especially when it is done in the sensual style that LynsieLee shows you in these images.

This is a great GodsGirls set with a lot to look at, as LynsieLee is topless from the beginning while also wearing a very tight set of orange tights that cover her enough to shield her from the elements, but remain see-through so you can get some peeks (and full close ups) of her sexy lower body.

While she does her increasingly arousing yoga poses, she also has with her a pair of very cute pikachu slippers, which she uses to cover her body at times in playful ways, and which remain next to her for the majority of the shoot. Although, to be honest, with the layers of nakedness she shows you and the bendy poses she strikes, you will barely notice them because your attention will be completely drawn to this gorgeous woman.



Name LynsieLee
Age 21
Gender Female
Relationship Status Divorced
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation nude entertainer at Casa Diablo




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