VertVixen’s Zero Suit Samus

You’ve heard of Blixen and you’ve heard of Vixen but have you heard of VertVixen? No she’s not one of Santa’s reindeer but a cosplayer with a winter-blue Zero Suit Samus that was a real challenge for her to make. Yet she did so great of a job on the costume it looks like a second skin. VertVixen, whose real name is Alicia Bellamy, says she made the costume, based on heroine Samus of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. and Metroid: Other M, “as a way to overcome my fear of the sewing machine and truly push myself to the next level of costume making.” In the past, she has enjoyed making armor more than sewing costumes. She had to create her own pattern because “a Zero Suit Samus pattern does not exist . . .” She says she used a Yaya Han body suit pattern from McCall to base her own on. The gun prop (the “paralyzer pistol”) was made by a friend of hers, prop-maker Eric Jones of Coregeek and Cosplay Creations.

The Mario Brothers are two lucky guys to have space epic heroine Zero Suit Samus on their team, a heroine depicted by VertVixen at cons such as Anime Expo (where her costume made its debut) and San Diego Comic-Con both of which occurred back in July. Photographer Cosplay Corral has captured both the heroic and feminine beauty in her pose. To find out more details of what went into making the costume, visit VertVixen’s website or follow her on Twitter: @vertvixen.

Young woman in Zero Suit Samus costume poses holding prop pistol in firing position.

Zero Suit Samus holding a pistol and floating above an ocean with clouds and blue sky in the background.

Photo Credit: Nintendo

I am so happy that I took the plunge and challenged myself to sew this costume. It has helped me increase my sewing skills as well as working with spandex and other stretch fabrics. I love that I was able to play with heat transfer vinyl . . . and I was able to do my first pair of gloves and spandex shoe covering! One day hopefully I will build her [Samus’s] full Metroid suit . . .

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