The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 3: The Dolldelight Sample Sale

“The Dolldelight Sample Sale” is the third episode of Myx TV’s reality show “The Doll Life” featuring Filipino Lolita designer, Cyril Lumboy.

In the last episode, Audra gave the doll family the copy of her videos for the cake art for them to judge and Cyril’s way too busy with the sample sale to deal with it now so Stevie and Stephanie watched it themselves and they kept on saying it is porn. For me, if your mind is polluted and not open to see the artistic view of something, of course you’ll say porn. Like, you’ll see a naked man’s sculpture and you say porn but you did not see what the sculptor is trying to tell the viewers about his art.

On the day of the sample sale in House of Vintage, Stephanie and Stevie bugged Cyril by re-enacting Audra’s video and Cyril scolded them because they’ve been bullying Audra non stop. I do get Stephanie’s point but Cyril was right, it is NOT Stephanie’s decision to make since she is just the head model and Cyril is still the owner and designer of the company. I don’ trust Stevie, though, because when it comes to crunch time, he dropped Stephanie claiming that it was all Stephanie and that she just forced him to bug Cyril about it. It seems that their true colors are slowly showing up.

What makes it worse, is that Stephanie called Tiffany to replace Audra in Hana-Doki Con without consulting or informing Cyril so Tiffany walked into the Sample Sale like she’s so sure about herself, even THANKING Cyril for choosing her for the show. When I watched it, I felt like there’s a bomb who fell into Stephanie’s face. Cyril, again, scolded Stephanie for bringing in one problem after another and it made Cyril decide to keep Audra because of what the others are doing to her. Even during the sample sale, none of the customers brought it up about seeing Audra’s videos so I think no one cares and thinks the way Stephanie and Stevie does.

After the sale, Dolldelight earned $1000 and Ashphord’s cookies earned $60, which I honestly thought she’s going to give it to Cyril, but oh well. She did tell Cyril about her baking business to support herself, right?

I also find it nice that after the end of the episode, Dolldelight showed support for the others who are victims of slut shaming and also gave the web address to go to if you need help and support.

Show your help and support to Audra as well by supporting the Kickstarter she’s doing for a coffee table book that showcases the amazing photos and art made by Audra herself!

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