The Doll Life Season 1 Recap Episode 4 : Money Problems

It’s a very exciting episode for the dolls because they’re prepping up to go to Las Vegas for LVL Up Expo!

The fourth episode of Myx TV’s The Doll Life is titled “Money Problems” for a reason. From the previous episodes, nothing seems to go perfectly even though the dolls were able to pull it off. They really needed one perfect event without mix ups, without audio problems, without volunteer models dropping off, no missing models, Paula not being late, etc., but that is close to impossible.

In order to go to the event in Las Vegas, they were required to sell 30 tickets and they are 10 tickets short. Although there’s still two days and all dresses are made, it’ll just go to waste if they are unable to sell all 30 tickets, right? To make things exciting, Cyril took one more custom job for Tiffany’s dress for a party. Like they’re not busy and panicking enough. I don’t get it why Cyril said yes to Tiffany in the first place when she knew they may not finish the dress in just one day.

What I admire about Stephanie is that she’s able to find volunteer models located at Las Vegas so they won’t have to bring a lot of people there. I’d also love to see Paula put in some effort in selling the tickets than checking up on Colton for the number of tickets sold.

Like it’s all not enough for Cyril, amidst the very extremely busy day, she put aside valuable time to call her boyfriend in the Philippines. I don’t have any issue with Cyril but everyone’s just blowing their heads off and she even got time to chit chat. Do you guys also think she’s that clingy to her boyfriend?

Anyway, for some miracle, they were able to finish the dress two minutes before 6 a.m. and Tiffany loved it. And she should because of what Cyril and Stevie went through to make that dress. They held a meeting and it was very sweet for Audra and Ashphord to bring breakfast for everyone since they’ve been working so hard for LVL Up Expo.

Thanks to Stephanie, they were able to sell all tickets because she thought of selling the remaining tickets to their family members who are attending the LVL Up Expo as well. They almost did not make it but they were, again, able to pull it off the last minute when everyone felt like they were about to die. What’s more awesome is Audra is actually doing a Kickstarter, which is a coffee table book showcasing Audra’s amazing arts and pictures so I suggest that you go check it out and see its awesomeness!

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