The Doll Life Season 1 Recap : Episode 2

It’s really refreshing to go back on the first season and to see how it all started. “Hana-Doki Con” is the second episode of the season 1 of Myx TV’s The Doll Life and it started with an exciting trip to San Diego, California for the “Hana-Doki Con” — which is a convention of anything to do with Japanese culture.

Inviting DollDelight to put on a fashion show in Hana-Doki Con is like a big break for them except if everything falls apart. Unfortunately, two of the models cancelled out on the day of the show and I find it very unprofessional and hopefully, next time, they’d pick the ones who have dedication — even for volunteer models.

There are already 2 volunteer models who cannot make it and Chocolate Covered Cosplay (C3), Ashphord’s cosplay group, will be hosting the show — so that means her time will be divided into two, as a cosplayer host and as a model. For a fashion designer, this is a sign of disaster.

Honestly, I feel like Ashphord, when it comes to C3 and DollDelight, she tend to get carried away with being with her group than being a model. She’s really okay with the group but when her group is there, she sort of forgets of being a DollDelight model and her role as one.

Judy and Angel, two of the volunteer local models, looked so cute in dolly outfits and I wish they had more exposure in this show as well because they really looked great.

At the time they went to their rooms, the room assigned to Stevie, Ashphord, Audra and Stephanie is one big bed and a bunk bed. Audra, being her sunshiny positive self, took the bunk bed on the upper portion and Ashphord and Stevie shared the bed, which really infuriated Stephanie and I don’t get the point why she’d be mad at Audra as if Audra did something wrong to her. A bed is still a bed, right? Besides, she’s not spending the whole day inside the room but out there on the runway. Although Stephanie is being mean to Audra, Audra still thinks positively about Stephanie and their sleeping arrangements.

On the day of the show, the group is late (again) because of Paula taking too long to get out of the room. This whole day looks like a complete disaster especially when everyone is panicking about the show and dress rehearsal when Ashphord is chilling with her C3 friends. They weren’t even discussing on how to host so Ashphord should have taken the initiative instead to help out on DollDelight since they lack people and they are short in time.

No matter how I dislike Stephanie in the previous episode, I completely agree on her on this episode because Ashphord is making things even more difficult to DollyDelight because she missed the dress rehearsal. The show was, for me, a mess. The show was late, the line’s not in order, they kept people hanging and there’s a disastrous quick change. They were able to pull it off but I do hope they’d be more prepared in the future and learn from this.

Speaking of DollDelight, did you know that house model Audra is doing a Kickstarter? It is for a coffee table book that shows her pictures and art and it’s really cool!

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