Surprisingly Daring Hanayo Koizumi Cosplay

Oh my! Hanayo is certainly being daring!

Chinese cosplayer, Astra, who cosplayed Hanayo Koizumi certainly left a lot of mouths open upon seeing these photos. Love Livers are pretty familiar with Hanayo Koizumi. She’s known to be the quiet and shy character who doesn’t voice out her opinions much. As time goes by in the anime, because of becoming a school idol, we see Hanayo slowly breaking out of her shell whenever she’s on stage. However, Hanayo would always revert back to her meek self whenever she’s not in the limelight. Could this be the effect of becoming an idol too?

Love Live! School Idol Project gamers would know that with each card and each event comes new looks for our Love Live girls. There are Santa inspired outfits during Christmas, swimsuits during the summer, and even kimonos during New Year. This daring little number, however, is certainly unexpected. What do you think? Be sure to share your thoughts!

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