Braaaaaiiins Please!!!

As people anticipate it would be, the world is doomed! The human race is about to be extinct! And soon will be the deadly scary zombie apocalypse!

Oh no! What will you do if this hot looking zombie will run after you and scream “Braaaaaiiins please!!!” Will you run for your life? Or will you let her take a bite of your brain? (In a passionately wild way if you want?!)

Raychul Moore makes a fine, scary but undeniably seductive type of zombie. Her zombie cosplay gives me both the chills and a bit of excitement.

Edit: Here at SexyFandom, we love Raychul Moore so much that she graces the cover of the current issue of our Bazowie! Magazine, with a wonderful articulate interview feature inside, where she and our own Jim Phoenix talk gaming, cosplay and more!

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