Alluring Leyla Cosplays As A Coquette Alisa Southerncross

Leyla is cosplaying as Alisa Southerncross, and she is doing a wonderful job of it in this CosplayErotica set that comes complete with a video where you can see the extensive details of her costume and her sensuality.

The costume is interesting on this set, because you can see it covering most of her body with the long sleeved top with a vest and tie she has on, as well as the black tights she is wearing that go all the way down to her socks and schoolgirl shoes. This prevents you from seeing any skin at first, but you do get to enjoy the gorgeous view of the outline of her sexy body in that costume of hers.

There is one element that stands out here and has some naughtiness sprinkled on it, and that is that, for all the cover that her clothes provide, her skirt is just a little bit too short, which allows you to see her colorful panties, which she proudly displays in some of the poses.

After she has let you see her fully covered body posing sexily, she continues showcasing her figure to you, but she recognizes you have earned yourself a reward, which comes in the form of her taking off everything covering her bottom part to continue giving you an eyeful of her sexy legs and some other very interesting parts of her anatomy. She may be an undead character, but she does seem to have all the right tools to bring you back to life in a flash.



Alisa Southerncross (Arisa Sazankurosu) is a character from the series Keroro Gunso. Alisa is an undead being who feasts on UMA aliens to gain humanity. Her adoptive father, Nevula, is a black alien who is trying to give Alisa a human form.




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