Poppy Nature Allure

Poppy has what appears to be a deer faun costume on, which is subtle, yet very well done as it has her wearing tiny antlers and a brown fluffy coat. Honestly, I hope I got her costume right, because I tried for a long time to pay close attention to the details, but when you have those gorgeous eyes staring at you and a set of breasts like those in full view either with a cleavage or free and feeling the fresh breeze, it’s really hard to focus on anything else.

Don’t you agree?

On this GodsGirls set, she first approaches you showing an innocent and curious side of hers before unveiling her seductive side, taking off some of her clothes and letting you see her completely nude in that fresh place she is at. I am sure you’ll agree that the fact that this shoot took place outdoors just gives it extra alluring qualities.


Name Poppy
Age 22
Gender female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation bisexual
Occupation Fetish Model
Sign Virgo
About Me hiya! My name is Poppy, I am a chubby fetish model and cam girl from New England. When I’m not working on nudie stuff you can generally find me watching scifi and horror movies on netflix, petting my cats, baking, or looking at butts on the internet.




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