Dast and David Baxter’s Endearing Oberyn and the Hound Cosplay

Oberyn Martell and Sandor Clegane (otherwise known as the Hound) from Game of Thrones may not be bosom buddies on the show, but it’s nice to see them put aside their differences in this cosplay (to both hate Gregor Clean, Sandor’s brother, apparently). Cosplayer Dast, Acolyte of the Dark Star has a fabulous staff as Oberyn, and I really dig David Baxter’s chainmail for Sandor. If only the Hound were as cuddly as he’s portrayed here, the Game of Thrones universe would be just that more peaceful… and perhaps the world, also, since many draw inspiration from GOT.


The official photo of the “We HATE Gregor Clegane” Club. Do you see how adorable our club is? Who would ever hurt us?
Gregor Clegane would.
Myself as Oberyn and the legendary and amazing David Baxter as The Hound.

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