Marylin as Tekken’s Lili

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I played a bit of Tekken before. One of my friends was security for a casino and he would unlock the arcade games for me to “test run”. Thank you Edy! So, when I see this new Cosplay Erotica shoot with Marylin I immediately get transported back to my carefree times in Las Vegas. Here is Lili all in her adult glory. As you can see from some of the photos here, she’s rocking that simple white outfit. I love how her sleeves come all the way down to the hands. I think that adds a layer of imagination to the piece. I also absolutely adore her shoes. I’m seriously jealous (do those come in a size 15?). Imagine getting kicked by one of those things? I’m pretty sure those spiked heels can count as a deadly weapon. The red accented gloves work in really nice with the puff wrists of the top. Marylin really is a lot of leg and she pulls of some great poses in this set, but I can’t show you those poses because, well, she’s bottomless in most of them. Too bad I can’t show you because some are rather fantastic.

There is also a video to this CosplayErotica set. It’s pretty cool to see a bit of the behind the scenes with the makeup being applied and seeing how Marylin slips into character. I notice that the gloves and the boots are accented in orange in the video and it appears red in the stills (or vice versa). I thought that was interesting and wonder which filter was used where. Another thing that pops out (besides a very friendly nipple) in the video is her eye shadow. It’s subtle and really reflects the color accents of the outfit. If you get a chance, check the video out. It’s worth just watching her shift those poses and play with that heel a bit.

Body: Slim/skinny
Legs: Very long
Boobs: Small
Hair: Blonde

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