Hotaru’s Got All The Sweet Stuff For You

Usually when it comes to anime the first episode isn’t always enough determining factor to make you want to stay ‘til the end of the season. However with Dagashi Kashi, episode one was enough to make me stay. I instantly got hooked with the anime and I loved the characters so I was pretty delighted when I saw one of the characters, Hotaru,being cosplayed by the lovely Momoiro Reku.

As someone who started out as a doujinshi artist, Momoreku or Momoiro Reku, is no stranger to the cosplay scene. If anything her background as an artist only brought out more creativity because when it comes to her cosplay photos, they seem like they came straight from a drawn page. She is currently active in projects that involve modelling, photography sessions, planning and sponsoring events, photography and designing.

The character Momo Reku cosplayed is Hotaru Shidare, who is the main heroine of Dagashi Kashi. She’s weirdly passionate about sweets and marketing them. Hotaru’s father is the owner of a certain world famous sweets company that one day Hotaru will inherit.

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