Eleanor Rigby Infinity Gauntlet

Eleanor Rigby has an Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt. Disney sure knows how to make swag because this is no ordinary whimsical comic book-inspired oven mitt; this is an official Marvel Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt. There are rumors that Disney/Marvel will be coming out with a movie based directly on the 90’s Infinity Gauntlet comics, but, so far, it has just had brief cameos in Thor and Avengers. Anyway, I think Eleanor Rigby is a fairly new (and already popular) broadcaster. She has fun style, with lots of straps and chains in her outfit (and, of course, that sexy pot holder action.) Eleanor Rigby and Gween Black are planning an epic two girl trip to Disney World in August and you could win the opportunity to spend the day with these two fun geeky girls. It is free to register a social profile this weekend and ask Eleanor Rigby live in her chat about how you could win a trip to Disney World with her and Gween!







Username: Eleanor_Rigby
CamScore: 2643
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: White
Eyes: Gray
Weight: 115 pounds
Age: 24
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Light
Drugs: Never
Occupation/Major: Jezebel
School: College
Favorite Food: Taco Fuckn Bell!
Pets: Pugalicious
Tags: long hair, white eyes, young, nerd, teen, troll, blue hair, boobs, natual boobs, 18, lady, girl, funny, dork, anime, natural
Favorite Books: Pride and Prejudice, Great Gatsby, IT, Hunger Games, Hobbit, The Curious Incident of the Dog at the Night-Time, Outsiders, Les Miserable, The Pearl.
Favorite Songs: I’m open.
Favorite Movies: Spider-man!, Pride and Prejudice, Titanic (duh, I’m female), Boondock Saints (I & II), Batman, Office Space, Iron Man, any other comic book hero movie, Finding Nemo, Disney movies, Superbad, Pineapples Express just to name a few
Hobbies: Playstation 3 bitches! (soon to be PS4 owner!)
Perfect Mate: The Nice Kind

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