Radiant Nozomi Cosplay By Aimer

Probably the only character in Love Live whose charmpoint is uncontestedly her 90cm bust is Nozomi Toujou. Being the oldest member of the group, she acts as the voice of reason to her best friend, Eri, and she acts as a good spiritual support for the rest of the girls in the group. Nozomi is undoubtedly not sensitive about breast sizes because for her groping another girl’s breast is a form of “cheering them up”.

Surprisingly there seems to be quite a lot of Nozomi Toujou cosplays as of late. Whether or not something brought that on or if it’s purely coincidence, it might be better not to ponder about it too much and choose to just enjoy the cosplays instead.

This one is from a Super Rare (SR) card from the Love Live game, School Idol Festival and it is cosplayed by the talented Hong Kong cosplayer and makeup artist, Aimer.

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