Lilianbelief’s Cheeky Craig Tucker South Park Cosplay

This cosplay by Lilianbelief shows all the best parts of Craig Tucker’s character, in all his flipping-the-bird-with-a-straight-face glory. The pan flute is a cute reference to the only Craig-centric episode, two-parter Pandemic in which Craig finds himself reluctantly following everyone’s favorite four misadventurers to Peru. This photo pretty much sums up all his feelings about wasting his birthday money on creating a pan flute band only to get arrested for it. (It would make just about anyone unhappy.) Photographer Shimyo has a nice downward angle with the camera, and Lilianbelieve’s black hair and blue clothes are both completely canon. Even if “South Park” weren’t written in the top corner, I would know which show this is from and which character it is.


so, this is my new cosplay: Craig Tucker from South Park (Pandemic!-version). I LOVE this cosplay!! and I LOVE Craig!! :heart: XD

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