Draven Star in Harry Potter spoof

Burning Angel is back at it again and this time they tackle the sacred of the sacreds: Harry Potter. In their version, Horny Potter, a bit of mischief is managed by Draven Star. She single handedly give Slytherin a good name in this video. The video starts out innocent enough, Draven Star is helping poor Ramon Nomar with his spells. I mean a fella needs to pass his O.W.L.’s right? What starts out with the best of intentions quickly turns sinister. It appears that poor Ramon gets placed under a Petrificus Totalus spell. Lucky for him though, it only seems to affect one particular part of his body. Thankfully Draven Star has her own counter curse to help Ramon get un-petrified in that one spot.

I sure bet Neville wished he got that cure instead of a trip to Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall.

As always, the level of very not safe for work photos and scenes for Burning Angel vastly outweigh the safe for work ones. I’ll show you a glimpse of what you can see in this video but if you are a Potter fan, you really need to watch the entire thing yourself. In the end, all I can say is Accio Draven Star! (Well, it was worth a try…)

Resident Slytherin Draven Star has a couple of study tricks up her wizard sleeve to share with Ramon, who doesn’t seem to be taking these exams seriously – he should be working on potions instead of cheap transfigurations! Since he’s not interested in studying, she knows a fun spell they can do together – Draven enchants his cock with a boner spell and takes advantage of the situation with her magical mouth and muff! She knows how to make a ‘magic wand’ disappear deep inside her like a true Hogwarts Headmistress. At least one of them is going to pass the O.W.L.’s with flying colors.

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