Natalie Addams Amazes You With A Valentines Day Treat

Ah, Valentines Day, the time where you get to enjoy the company of that special someone that is closest to you, as you share several moments of passion and love; however, that does not mean you cannot enjoy this Blueblood gallery, where you will see the beautiful Natalie Addams barely dressed up, in poses that will have you wish you could find her at your doorstep.

If you look close enough (and, why wouldn’t you?) you can see that her lips are adorned by a red area that kind of looks like a heart, in the middle of her lower lip; giving her appearance a more playful look that works perfectly with her purple hair and makes her seem as someone that just escaped from an anime series.

Gothic Sluts are always ready to surprise you, but Natalie Addams’ gifts may be a little more than you can handle.

Are you ready for her to play with your heart?



As part of Blue Blood’s Valentines Day greetings to all of you, Forrest Black and I photographed a professional piercer, the lovely purple-tressed Natalie Addams in her seventh Blue Blood appearance, cutting out her own heart, gift-boxing it, and sewing up the “wound” with quite genuine play piercings. Over on, I wrote all about some of the most entertaining little rituals we’ve built up over the years for celebrating both Valentines Day and tomorrow’s Lupercalia.
–Amelia G




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