Artemis Will Drain All Your Energy

When I found Mussum’s cosplay of Artemis from Junketsu no Maria, I was seriously thrilled. I don’t see that many cosplays of Artemis much because mostly it’s cosplays of Maria that’s a cosplay favorite. Horay for Mussum! I love her eye expression and that pouty teasing look. Just the way Artemis is!

One of my favourite medieval-based anime from 2015 would definitely be Junketsu no Maria. It a fictional story about Maria, who is the most powerful witch alive during the Hundred Year War in France. Maria hates war and uses her magic to obstruct it as much as she can along with her succubus, Artemis and incubus, Priapos. She has been found meddlesome and because of this was punished to lose her power the moment she loses her virginity.

Artemis is succubus who lives with Maria as her familiar. She’s kind and caring despite being a teasing naughty seductress who often pisses Maria off with her virgin jokes. Artemis has the ability to transform into an owl and is good at a knife combat when in her human form. She can also kill men through sex.

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