Sydnee Vicious cosplays as Espeon

You know it’s about to get weird when I have to Google what an Espeon is. At first, I thought this Burning Angel video was about a really really naughty Easter Bunny going to a pretty rough neighborhood. After finding out that Espeon is a Pokemon critter, well, that just made me want to see if I could coin something like “Bronies”. This video starts out innocently enough–a recently summoned Sydnee Vicious tries her best to sneak back into her trainer’s house when he catches her. That’s about all of the safe for work action I can describe. The rest is something of a training with leashes, a tail (she has a cute tail on the costume that I can’t show you because of the rest of the scene isn’t quite safe for work), a lot of ink and some really aggressive attempts to level up Espeon.

If you like ink or Pokemon, then this is the video you need to see. Even the guys are covered in this video. Speaking of tattoos, Sydnee Vicious has a lot of them. This is a good thing. My favorite one makes me pause the video each time I watch it. She is, ummmm, let’s say, hmmmm…what’s safe for work for __________? Ah ha! She’s looking for a contact on all fours, whilst her trainers are also looking for the contact but at a different vantage point. The tattoo is of wings that spread from her side down to half of her breast. It’s a cleanly done piece of black and white and it really stands out every time I watch the video.

Speaking of video, here are a few of the safe for work stills I can show:

From the video description (slightly edited for SFW policies): Sydnee Vicious was sneaking about in some Espeon cosplay and Mr. Pete, her trainer, had to catch and learn her proper! Geeky, nerdy, dirty, sexy roleplay – getting a class naughty things to be the best in battle! A wild Small Hands appeared and assisted to level up some extra experience on this heavily inked and modified bunny-eared, doe-eyed sweetheart. She sucked on their pokeballs like a good little pocket monster should! She looked like a shiny Espeon when they pikachu’d her pretty face!

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