Lori The Gory Is A Sexy Devil

Lately, a lot of BarelyEvil devils seem to be escaping hell to walk among humans, and I cannot consider that a bad thing at all. In fact, I am sure you won’t either once you see Lori The Gory in this BlueBlood gallery featuring more of the things that cause a great deal of temptation for us humans: sexy devils.

This mouthwatering concept has the word “lust” written all over it, since the large quantity of appetizing elements make this a great way to spend the weekend, the afternoon, or basically any time of the day.

Lori the Gory is a devil that will make you experience many emotions, but fear won’t be one of them.


Here is a fun set we recently had the pleasure of shooting with our friend Lori the Gory. We knew eventually we’d have to shoot a hot devil girl set with her and here it is! We had a great time shooting, even though the studio is still a crazy mess, hahaha… She even decided to just go ahead and keep the devil motif on for the Deicide show after we shot these. Needless to say, she was quite the popular devil girl that night. 🙂 ~Forrest


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