Asha the Drug Fantasy Easter Bunny

GodsGirls brings us something for Easter this time. Asha is dressed as the Easter Bunny as she sleeps on a floor only to wake up to an iPad and a huge Easter Egg. This is where the shoot–all eight pages of it–gets a bit weird. You see, inside of the Easter Egg is a lighter and a joint in the shape of a cross. The Easter Bunny then sparks up the joint and puffs whilst holding her hands together in prayer. She does this while taking more and more of her top off (she, I believe, keeps the ears) and this eventually, through other events, brings her to a really really big Easter Egg that she starts to make out with. After trippy and pretty Asha is done kissing the egg, she spoons naked with it. If a tattoo’d model (cool Alice one on her by the way) sparking up while dressed as the Easter Bunny doesn’t get you into the spirit of Easter, then I don’t know what will. As I said before, this shoot is 8 pages long, so get ready for a bit of a trip.

Asha as the Easter Bunny


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