The Snow Fairy gets steamy

The Snow Fairy no longer wears boots and you’ve got to believe me. I saw it, well, you know how the lyrics go, yeah? If not, please google: Black Sabbath and then listen to their albums for a few hours before getting back to me.

This Snow Fairy is bootless, but she keeps her socks on for a while. I dig the socks. I love colours and I think the pattern with the purple is pretty cool. The purple matches her underwear and hair, but you know what? Soon most of the above will be removed from her body and the only hairs you’ll see is the ones on top of her head. I think all Snow Fairies should be as lovely and if Cosplay-Mate has a say in it, all the Fairies will be that lovely.


From behind a desk, under tables, behind doors, in the ceiling and even bushes, she will stalk her beloved. She is quite reserved showing little emotions to anyone except to this lucky guy, even if he doesn’t see her coming or going. Stalking aside, she is quite a looker. Considering those beautiful firm cherries she is offering, she is warming up to us.

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