A former Ninja Captain struts her stuff

Whenever I see “Former Ninja Captain” I can’t help but think of the George Takei movie about cheerleader ninjas. I can actually see our orange topped friend in a sequel to the film (a must-see by the way). Her shin guards look a wee uncomfortable, but they do go nicely with her black plether pants. I am actually quite amazed she can have the length and flexibility she does in those pants. Cosplay-Mate brings us a lot of cool photos of her in various stages of undress. One of my favourites is her with the purple hair bending slightly forward in the orange top. Her left fist is up in the air like a protest or a punch that just landed. Her heels are still on and the shin guards wrap around her calves, but her pants and underwear seem to have vanished. I like this pose because her face is a mixture of intensity and pout. You have to see it to know exactly what I mean and if it weren’t for her bare bottoms, I would have put that picture up for you all. Looks like this is one set you have to explore further on your own.


Quite the beauty she is. Dangerous too! This nimble lady has cat-like reflexes and quite a playful attitude to go with it. Just mind her hidden weapons.
Fortunately, when she sheds all of those clothes, there are no other places she can hide weapons, not counting those very obvious ones. Maybe with the right petting…


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