The Psyonic Ninja strikes again

The ninja of all things psionic comes back, but this time is posing as the Psyonic Ninja who looks remarkably like Psylocke. I like the sword play here. She is going this shoot solo, but the swords get more picture time now. The model, besides being really ravaging in blue, strikes some cool poses with the swords and seems to handle them well. She also has a great number of hidden assets that become apparent as the shoot goes on.

Oh, and for those who are wondering, unlike the Phoenix, this Ninja’s underwear does not match her costume. Not that it matters–they don’t stay on very long.


Twin of another very british hero, this ninja has a few other tricks up her (non-existing) sleeves. From creating blades from thin air to being invisible, she is one dangerous lady. She may seem unarmed but don’t count her out. She has two weapons that she can (and did) pull out to “defend” herself.

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